Foster Care


There are many Woven families that have or are currently providing foster care. Foster care has it's own unique process.  We find that it is  helpful to have someone navigate this journey with you.  We will connect you to one of our families if you would like suport or information about foster care and the needs here in Virginia. For general information go to:

Domestic Adoption


The American Foster Care System is overwhelmed with children waiting for their forever families.  We have families that have navigated this adoption process and would love to talk to you about domestic adoption from foster care.

International Adoption


There are millions of orphans worldwide.  Woven has members that have adopted from many countries.  These families would like to encourage you as you pursue or consider an international adoption.

Getting Involved

Woven is always praying for new families to reach out to and support church members who are adopting children or serving as foster parents.  Providing a meal, child care, encouragement, prayer or support in your own unique way are just a few of the ways to help.  If you are an adoptive or foster care family and are in need of support or if you would like information about serving please contact us.


"One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something."  Henry David Thoreau